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Two of the reasons we haven’t stopped by this blog in six weeks or so.


The month of August flew by in a flurry of toddler-chasing, moving (not ours, thanks goodness!), furniture shopping, husband-sicky, toddler-sicky, and…summer life. I’m hoping to show up here more often now that the siren song of the beach isn’t quite as sweet and loud. When I wasn’t here, or at the beach, I was making, doing, and reading up a storm. I finished my plus quilt. I got this granny square quilt all the way to basted and half-quilted. I planned and cut and made 50 HSTs for a baby quilt (again, not ours!). I read Gloria. I read (sigh) Gone Girl. I’ve watched waaay too much Gossip Girl (sheepishness). 

More to share in this blog space soon. For now, granny. Tutorial for the blocks here. Fabric is Kona Bone (I pulled a Jo Ann’s scam wherein I purchased 6+ yards for $20, using a 60% off a single cut of fabric coupon; now I have a bolt that should last me through the next two or three projects) and two Aunt Grace “Jolly Packs,” Fat Quarter Shop’s version of the charm pack (which, honestly, I don’t think they’re doing anymore, a shame). I’d been hoarding the Aunt Grace for *just* the right project. This was absolutely it.


Here is a very crummy photo of my first six blocks. I found that the actual block construction was a breeze, and it was a lot of fun. I enjoy making blocks that are sort-of-planned, sort-of-not. Choosing the fabrics as I made each block encouraged fabric and color play, sometimes a lot more fun than just cranking out a certain number of blocks in a certain prescribed color scheme. I was nervous to trim them down, but you know what? It wasn’t bad, and I didn’t lose any triangle points. Go me. At my 16-month-old-chasing-feeding-cleaning, summer-laziness pace, this whole quilt top took me two weeks, about three blocks a session. NOT BAD.

I’ll post more pictures when I get the delicious lavender dotty binding on it. Have you had a recent color crush on lavender and yellow? No? Just me?