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I’ve been busy recovering from our vacation all. week. Not only did I bring home the world’s biggest sandiest dirtiest pile of laundry, I brought it home to one of the world’s dirtiest apartments. This week I scrubbed the kitchen floor! On my hands and knees, with a brush and a bucket! (Swiffer generation.)

So it’s been nice to finally pull out the stack of greens and blues I sorted out before the trip and get into some cutting. This pile, mostly Hello Pilgrim, is destined to become a simple plus quilt, to be shipped overseas to a lovely couple we know from Groningen who just got married. This past weekend. Yeah, I’m a little late. It’s simple patchwork, so barring disaster, I should be able to get this shipped off by the end of August.

And here’s a terrible picture of that little Kona fat eighth stack I won from Elizabeth over at Oh, Fransson! square quilted throw pillow shams at this point, quilted with thick black embroidery floss. I’ve either got to find a backing print to coordinate with these sort of odd colors, or use the Kona Tangerine yardage I impulsively bought and have had hanging around for two years. I’m certainly interested to see what I decide.

And just in case anybody wonders what I do with the baby during all of this…well. Usually she’s asleep. She takes good 2-3 hour afternoon naps at this point. (I’m convinced she only sleeps 1.5-2 hours of this time, needing the rest to decompress by herself in her crib. She loves her crib, and is clearly her mother’s daughter.) But sometimes I do try and get a few things accomplished while she’s awake, and she looks a bit like this:

That is the striped bar from her Tiny Love baby amusement mat thing, the one she used to lie under when she was 2 months old and bat at the toys. She dragged it out of her closet today. She also sports an Ikea coster, and my favorite Crate and Barrel dishtowel. Why, yes, she does get stuck trying to go through doorways.