I busted another one of these patchwork reading girl pillows out this morning. Seriously, the girl wasn’t even embroidered when we got up, and I managed to finish it by 10:30 am.

This is the LAST one I make before I make one for me to keep. Seriously. I got the idea to use black stitching from a picture I saw on Mary @ Molly Flanders’s quilt blog, and I love it so much that next time I’ll use TWO strands of embroidery floss.

The embroidery pattern is Aneela Hoey’s Bella Bookworm, and it is seriously one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. You can tell I love the friend who’ll be receiving this pillow for her birthday: I used some of my treasured AMH Good Folks Cathedral print. This is my #1 favorite fabric ever. I reckon I had about a yard and a half at one time and I’m down to about a quarter of a yard. I’ll be heartbroken when it’s gone, but durned if it didn’t make the cutest pillow back.