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Nate isn’t much for making a big deal out of…ANYTHING. Father’s Day is pretty much a bother for him. I could make a big deal out of any made-up ridiculous holiday, i.e., “the sixth anniversary of the night you came to my dorm room because you forgot your mug and I had it in my purse and I thought OMG you  might like me.” Not Nate. Nope. So, I’ve learned to ask him what he’d like to do to celebrate his occasions. Often the answer is, “Pie.” More often, the answer is “Nothing.”

For Father’s Day 2012, the answer was, “Hiking.” We bought a Trustees of the Reservations sticker this year, and have been exploring the reservations near us. Today we checked out Old Town Hill in Newbury, and it was amazing. Didn’t hurt that the temperature was about 60 degrees while we hiked. Plenty of woods, plenty of low land marshy flats, and a view of the ocean, too. Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful husband who always carries the baby backpack. (And who doesn’t mind when the baby pokes at the back of his head during the hike.)