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is that now she can wear dresses gracefully. No more looking ridiculous. No more anger or crab-crawling when she can’t get around because of her cursed skirt.

Or is it that she’s finally developing a sense of humor? You’ve never seen a kid who loves Chicken Butt like she loves Chicken Butt. Dogs? Swings? HILARIOUS. And the facial expressions that are coming with her budding personality crack me up. 

In all seriousness, my number one favorite thing about my new toddler is that she is so independent, all day long, but when she feels like she needs some love, or has some to give, she simply swings by me on her path through the apartment (gotta do those laps), wraps her little skinny arms around my legs, and buries her face in my knees. Baby hugs! The best. Of course, I swoop down and grab her and probably hug her too hard, and kiss and smell that little place on the back of her neck that smells like soap and, because it’s summer, sunscreen, and spicy-warm baby smell.

Says Nate, “Well, you CAN’T eat her.” Oh, yeah? 🙂