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After running all over town all week long, Lucy and I (well, especially I) are glad to spend a Friday at home.

There are crappy flash-auto indoor shots in our apartment’s low morning light. OR, *ahem*, toddling around with blocks making weird eyebrow-raising faces? This eyebrow thing is Lucy’s new aren’t-I-just-ridiculous-with-cuteness look. She loves to stand in front of the mirror and do it. Funny because she doesn’t really have eyebrows, amirite?

There are bowls of yeasty bubbly pizza dough wonderfulness. You don’t think that photo is appetizing? No? I think to love this stuff you gotta smell it all in its warm boozy glory. It’s Jim Lahey’s no-knead pizza dough, and it is for serious pizza lovers, and for winners. We don’t have many family traditions but Pizza Friday is serious and sacred, and it is brought to you by Jim Lahey and his miraculous pizza dough. Thank you.

And dining room tables COVERED in quilt mess. I’m making slow progress on the She Only Smiles quilt. It’ll be a signature quilt, and I whipped out the name blocks in about 30 minutes while Lucy slept too long the other afternoon. I really need this thing to turn out nice, and I’m having minor-to-moderate doubts. We’ll see. Back to my quilt pile before Lucy gets up for her second outdoor jaunt of our lazy Friday!