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Girl, you better work.

Because it’s Tuesday-impromptu-beach-day. Where else can you live that you can do the park in the morning, the beach in the afternoon, and it’s not 107 degrees and a million bazillion people? Lucy loves the beach. She loves the (frigid, oh my gosh) water, she loves the waves, she loves the sand. She also loves to people-watch and seagull-chase. She’d stay all day. Or, until she gets so tired and hungry that she ends up face-down on the beach blanket tantruming, NOT that we know anything about tantrums.

When he looked at the pictures, Nate said, “Were you the only people there?” Pretty much, yes. There were enough people that we didn’t feel weird. But we had a plenty big patch of sand and shore all to ourselves. This beach sticker is going to be the best $60 we ever. spent. No lie.