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Look at those goodies! Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson! held a series of giveaways a couple of weeks ago to celebrate the release of her new book Modern Patchwork. I’d had her new book on my Amazon wishlist for months, but was lucky to win a giveaway copy, plus three little fat eighth Kona solid bundles AND (total awesome bonus win) thick high-quality plastic templates for making Hartman’s Fire Drill quilt. The thick templates come from Tabslot, and though I haven’t worked with them yet, they are so thick and durable that I can tell template cutting won’t be the nightmare chore it usually is.

The only questions now are: 1) how soon can I buy a whole bunch of lovely red-and-orange prints to make my own Fire Drill quilt using these templates, and 2) what should I do with these cute solids bundles? There’s not quite enough yardage to make full-scale versions of the quilts from Hartman’s book. And I know they are supposed to be three distinct little bundles, BUT get this:

BWA HA the colors all “go” with my purple-lime-yellow-orange Crate and Barrel kitchen towels that I love love. Maybe it’s time for some ric rack napkins? Or a new sofa quilt (so that we can stop putting so much wear on our current sofa throw, which is the one and only quilt of my Granny’s that I own)? Or, perhaps most tempting, some new throw pillows in big bold solid triangles?

At any rate, between the templates, the book, and the Kona fabric treats, this little bundle from Oh, Fransson! should keep me inspired for some time. Thanks, Elizabeth! (Stay tuned: book review of Modern Patchwork tk 🙂 )