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Has it been a week already?

We’ve been away down South at a wedding. Lucy had her first flower girl gig, and she also had a blast walking laps around and around the wedding venue in her little white linen pants. Mostly she was a blur.

As has been this week, friends. Life didn’t stop for us to leave, and we arrived home to a flurry of everyday life, a pile of laundry (those little white linen pants got awful dirty), and a spate of minor disasters that has left us a little drained. Suffice it to say, I’m glad we’re all safe and alive and fairly healthy.

I’ve been away from both books and sewing machine, and my encounters with the kitchen have been limited to cheese toast, macaroni, zucchini (that kid), and the cake I baked for book club and then dumped on the counter.

I have, however, managed to get this small lovely finished.

Oh, but it looks good in my chair. Sad. Because it’s not staying there. I’m shipping it off to a friend in Pennsylvania whose birthday is today. And that’s what friendship is about: understanding when those who love you send late gifts because of ridiculous flat tire-ER visit-flower girl-airplane flying weeks. (And it’s also about not keeping gifts you made just because they are just real cute in your own house, drat.)