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And then she pulls the packed suitcase to pieces. And then she laughs.

We’re headed South to a wedding tomorrow. As it turns out, the only thing worse than packing your own crap for a wedding is packing your crap plus your kid’s crap while your kid toddles along behind you, slinging every folded, packed, or stacked thing around above her head. I hadn’t had a chance to take a picture of the wedding gift quilt, and the underwear isn’t folded, and I’d like to have a quilt top plus a pillow pieced by, oh, the day we get back, and ALL I want to do is sit with the Pouilly Fuisse in the fridge and read the last chapter of Are You My Mother (which I saved for myself last night, because the book is out of control good and it needed not to be finished in a great gulp)…needless to say, the apartment is a disaster and I’m beat before we’ve even left for the airport.

I made time for a little embroidery this afternoon, though. I hope it will soon become clear why I’m embroidering Jane Austen quotes! See those lazy daisies? I learned to do those just now! They’re actually no big deal. I remember my mom trying to teach me to do them when I was eight-ish, and I thought they were a) crazy hard and b) sort of magic. They are sort of magic, but they are NOT crazy hard.

I also can’t resist posting a sneak peek of the wedding gift quilt, seeing as how I started this blog oh four days ago and nobody’s reading it least of all my sister-in-law! Can you see the pink hand-quilting? The pink polka dots? The peacocks and elephants? I’m so pleased with how this turned out. There are a couple of flaws, resulting from the hand-applique and the pieced borders, but overall, it’s still the prettiest quilt I’ve ever made. Maybe the prettiest quilt I’ve ever seen? It’s like a mom saying her baby’s the most beautiful, right? (Though mine is. Seriously.)