I’m anticipating a BIG finish tonight or tomorrow. A finish to a project that involved cuss-piecing tiny broken dish blocks, hand-appliqueing a bunch of curves (and applique was a completely new skill to me), cutting 300+ tiny fan blades and quarter circles using templates, a poorly-pieced back, borders that didn’t fit, centers that didn’t match up, blah blah. May be the prettiest quilt I’ve ever made, but it’s been a long process.

Because this project is a gift, I can’t post pictures until I’ve given it. But I’m waaay over looking at this quilt, anyway. I’d way rather look ahead to the next thing. I’ve been struggling with the stack of fabric above, trying to figure out if the blues are too bright/mod or maybe it’s the greens that are too muddy/repro? This is the stack, though, and I’ll be sticking to it. This next project is a gift, too, but I certainly will enjoy tracking my process.